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Since 2018, I've facilitated hundreds of DEI workshops and discussions for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

Regardless of if you're looking for an introductory session to established shared language with your team, or if you're looking for something more intermediate or advanced, such as a deep dive on microaggressions or a session on inclusive leadership best practices, I'm here to support. 

My workshops are designed to not only educate and inform, but they are interactive and structured to help participants identify actionable steps that they can take, both as individuals and as team members, towards fostering DEI in the workplace.

As I often say, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to DEI, so all of my sessions are customized to fit the needs of the participants and the organization. Below are some (not all) of the sessions that I frequently design and facilitate. 

  • Inclusive Workplace 101: These baseline sessions introduce psychological safety as the foundation of inclusion, establish shared definitions of key DEI terminology, and help participants understand and connect with why DEI is imperative. Throughout the session, participants are prompted to think of and commit to ways that they can integrate DEI into their day-to-day routines.

  • Inclusive Leadership: By exploring a variety of leadership styles & best practices, common workplace biases, team dynamics, and conflict resolution approaches, leaders leave these sessions equipped with new tools to be more equitable and inclusive of the diverse teams that they support. Sessions typically include both self and collective reflection time for leaders to assess their actions and behaviors.

  • DEI Lunch & Learns: Once individuals and teams have established a shared foundational understanding of key DEI terminology and best practices (typically through one or both of the aforementioned workshops), they often seek a deeper dive on a variety of DEI-related topics. Scheduled for 60-90-minutes, these sessions offer participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and DEI-skill set, with facilitated discussions that welcome a variety of perspectives. Common topics include: allyship, microaggressions, inclusive language, inclusive images, process fairness, sourcing & recruiting, inclusive team building, and more.

Ready to discuss the needs of your team? 

Message me and let's see how we can partner!

Sample workshops

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