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This is me speaking about DEI in Tech on Lenovo Late Night I.T. Season 2!

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Black Folks Doing Extraordinary Things: Cho - Content Creator, Streamer, Podcaster, Gamer

Have you ever heard of "swatting" in the online gaming industry? I hadn't. Swatting is when an online gamer makes a false emergency call to the police in an attempt to have a SWAT team sent to the location of another gamer, where no emergency exists. The goal is often to harass or harm the person living at the targeted address. It is a dangerous (and, not surprisingly, illegal) practice that has resulted in serious injuries and even death.

With the gaming industry fast approaching $200 billion, I was eager to learn more from someone making a living in the space.

For the first 2023 episode of Black Folks Doing Extraordinary Things, I talked to gamer, livestreamer, and content creator, Cho, about swatting, his career journey, and how he's proving his family by making a living as an influencer.

Name: Cho

Location: Ohio

Age: 32

Role: Influencer, Content Creator, Streamer, Gamer

Salary range: Varies

Connect with Cho:



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