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This is me speaking about DEI in Tech on Lenovo Late Night I.T. Season 2!

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Inclusive Leadership: Not Just for People Managers

The Inclusive Leadership Journal is held in front of an abstract canvas painting

Individual contributors are leaders too.

Hear me out...

You don't have to be formally assigned to a leadership or managerial position with direct reports to inspire and influence others.

Peer-to-peer coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship are becoming more and more common, especially as managers these days are often stretched thin.

The role of a manager has significantly expanded. Managers are no longer just assigning tasks; many are now also taking on responsibilities that would have historically been the domain of a Learning & Development team, often with little to no prior experience.

Oh, and increasingly, more ICs are responsible for leading projects, tasks, innovating, and more.

I say all this to say that everyone can benefit from leadership development. The starting point?


Not sure where to begin? Well, you're in luck :) 👇🏾

"The Inclusive Leadership Journal" is a great option.

Or drop it in your Amazon cart:


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